One kiss, one wish

A party in my heart

So nice of you to invite me

Every so often

Ask me if I'm alright

Then keep walking by

I couldn't lie again

Know, no, no

Look at what I thought

Your hand, my hand

Close the door

I can explain

Wait, I can't

You know anyway, no?

Forget that

I'm alright

Leave and worry not

Then you turned and left

I hate me

I love you

I couldn't say it

But you felt it

Walk back in

You smile and blink

Those eyes

Like suns with brows

Your suns meet my moons

Walk closer

Now there's no room

My heart is pounding out

A single brush by

As you lay down

All mountains I dreamed

Blame me

Oh, sorry I am

Then you pull me

I lay and shock

You lean and delight

I tell you my story

You take my words

With your lips

My new tale for life

Is you.