Look up with me now

And let the sky be everything

Just close your eyes

And let my heart play for you

Share this air with me

Let me feel you breath

I wanna touch those stars

I never want to leave

And I donít believe

There is a Heaven any better

All the Heavens Iíve seen

End with a kiss

And ours right now

Iím not willing to miss

Our lips havenít even met yet

If Heaven is up there

Then what is this?

Let me feel the water on my feet

Almost like when our eyes meet

Lay here on this ground with me

And just have faith in everything

Think of each moment as a lifetime

And I want to spend all day with you

Splendid sandy cloud of ours

Floating all the way to truth

And I never wanna leave

I just donít believe

There could ever be a better Heaven

Cause all the Heavens Iíve seen

They all ended in a kiss

And this Heaven of ours right now

I would never miss

When our lips havenít even met yet

And the fire just started to hiss

If Heaven is up there

Then what is this?