I don't think you are quite sure

What you mean to say or do

For everything you ever were

Has now abandoned you.

And I feel sorry for that

But I wasn't going to leave.

I guess you thought I was like the rest

So you went and left on me.

But I am willing to let go now.

Yes, now that I know the truth.

You don't have to say you miss me.

Cause I already said I miss you.

If you are going to go on forever

Never feeling sorry or sad

Then don't look me in the eyes like this.

What do you call that?

Don't drive past my house on your birthday,

Just to see if I was here.

Cause you know I was,

I spent that day in tears.

Don't call me and then hang up,

Because you don't know what to say.

I am the one who fell from Heaven

You have no reason to be afraid.

Don't wear those clothes,

That you know we went through.

Don't play those songs

That someone wrote for me and you.

Please never smile at me again

Because I don't believe you for a minute

And just when you think I don't love you anymore

I will bathe you in it.

I don't care after today.

Don't love me ever again.

I will touch another.

I will not think of you.

You have already inhaled my time

So much I am confused.

You are in my heart, as I know I am in you.

Tell me we are not love.

Deny and lie and hand me your crap.

And you had tears listening to my heart!

What do call that?