TO ME 12:50am 11-2-02


So I look at the little scars on my arms

I feel the same sick as I do when I look at you

If you get 2 seconds in my day

You make them hell

Be sure to say something that hurts

Well, itís not your fucking place anymore

Itís not your heart to whore

Iím not your mistake to ignore

All you ever did was lie and smile

You bitch, you run and you will fumble

I hope the flames are waiting for you to stumble

You wanted to fuck me, never love me

Thatís what I did wrong

I gave you my skin and thee within

Canít handle it, but you think youíre so strong

I compliment you,

In return you degrade me

Call me fat on my birthday

And you were my baby

You never deserved to be loved

And Iím sorry I ever met you

My honor I gave when I let you

God I hate regret too

But Iíd give my life to forget you

Thank you for making every moment so special.

Everyday I am not with you, I am happier to be alive.

If I ever look at you with my heart again

Iíd deserve to die.

Happy Birthday