To begin such a thought

Something too rough

For someone so real

Though I've nver walked

In the shoes you step

Know you are understood

I think of you often

I believe in your ambition and truth

And even when your eyes are closed

I still think you look...


And when your tears hit the ground

The drop is so loud

Like they fell all the way from Heaven

Somebody so sweet

In a world that can get so bitter

Let your smile remain

Not everyone has one like yours

Nothing should take you down

Don't let them hurt you anymore

You've been through enough too much

or the rest of forever

I promise I'll visit you

I promise this time

So, for all it's worth

And all that stands

I will pray for your happiness

Dream past your mirror

For you are so beautiful throughout

Live far from their doorway

Hell has no way out

And if you smile everyday

And even try to laugh

You'll never be alone again

Cause I will smile too

Just knowing that you have