After tonight you wonít have to wonder

Cause I canít shut my eyes to another dream

Youíre a tale in my soul, crazy and untold

And I canít stop thinking about you and me

You want to know what it feels like

To lay yourself down in bed

And know somewhere, someone craves you

The thought of you leaves them content

Well you donít have to guess anymore

You donít have to think about being dreamed

Cause I do it every night you know

But I always wonder if you ever think of me

Seeing you spoils my heart

And if I could maneuver fate

Weíd already be swimming in my pool

But I wouldíve have to be brave

I do go to bed each time

And wonder how you are

I wonder if you are sleeping

Or if you are looking at the stars

I am so content with you

I could live each day in your eyes

And I almost close this drama box

But then I remember you wonít be mine

Donít ever question your smile

I frame each one I catch of you

And I collect your private looks

Waiting to see if you ever break through

I fall asleep at night

With my mind so at ease

All I do is remember you

And know someday we may be.

Stop walkin around this world

Talkin like you donít know about us

Actin like youíve never thought of love

Tell me never to make a fuss

Well, Iíve been so scared of being left alone

After all these nights of living like you were my home

Now Iím here and I have no where to go

No place but this numbered stone

So if I ever turned your head just once

Or if you ever laid in bed wondering where I was

Have you ever dreamed of meeting me on the side

And telling me the truth about your secret lies

Letting me know itís always been you

If youíve ever thought of telling me the truth

I want you to know, I always do

Think about telling you.

But, I donít.