Everything that makes me Me

And everything that makes you You

I couldnít live without it

I wouldnít know how to tell the truth

And I create a new scenario

For each sweet dream

And I walk with you for hours

By an endless stream

And who knows what will happen

And I donít care beyond your eyes

Cause everything thatís You and Me

Itís all Us tonight

Whatever song you heard

Whatever clothes you wear

Wherever you may sleep

I wish I were there

Every single thing you do

It drives me half insane

The expressions on your face

I think I lost my way

And just to dance beside you

Would make me so aware

To have the chance to light you

I would fly anywhere

So save one of those smiles for me

Someday Iíll be where you may be

And then I can watch you

I can, touch you

I can, wash you

I can love you

I just may be the oneÖ

I may be that one that makes you, feel more

Maybe the one that finally, keeps you warm

The one youíve waited your whole, life forÖ

Someday I just may be yours

I would love to be yours.