Speak to me softly in your tone

And touch my face with your kiss

Hold me so close to you tonight

I think all I might need is this

To keep me happy forever

I know you will never be mine

I would give you my air, my heart

And my promise

And all you can give me is time

But Iím getting stronger in your arms

And Iím learning the ways to smile

Behind the happiness you give me

The tears go on for miles

And I might never love again

So make this one good my friend

Iíve been dropped before

And I only came back for one more

Although youíve carried me further

And in such little time

You say you love me

But you could never be mine

Youíre already the passenger on someone elseís wings

But what about this fire you started

And everytime our song sings

I wonít be able to go on anymore

Not after you drop me off like this

I hand you my heart

Everytime we kiss

And I may never love again

So make this one good my friend

I thought I felt it all before

Then you opened my door

And I canít take the thought of losing you now

The way you make me live somehow

Your hopeful eyes in the dim

The way my blue lights you within

And the slow songs play in my mind

As we let the night run out of time

Step up when they call your name

And I will be there somewhere

I will be next to your love

Since I canít be in it

And when your keeper lets you down

I wonít let you alone one minute

Please say you love me once more

And lie to me tonight

Cause if all we have is til 4

I want you til 5

As I recall the night my heart met you

I smile and cry while I pray

If ever you will love just one

Let it be me someday

Cause I may never love again

So make this one good my friend

Youíre taking the last of it in me

And you can save it forever

I wanted you from the beginning

But we canít be together

Dwell in my heart

Get lost in my dreams

Kiss me all night

Say that you love me

Iíll never see eyes like your again

Cause I wonít be looking for them

I found everything I need

But everything doesnít need me

So I will never love again

I hope you made this one good my friend