God made and Angel

And called Her ....

Her eyes were brown

Like the stem of the most beautiful tree

Her hair was dark with cerise

Her lips were perfect

Pretty until she spoke

Then they were wonderful

Beyond what He intended

Her voice, like the harp of Saturn

Her pretty little eyelashes

Glitter like the rays from two suns

Her cheeks hold up the sky

Her arms and legs like the lines of a constellation

Connecting one beauty to another

The smile of her dad, the laugh of her mother

Her precious toes

And her hands, her fingers

The smell of her skin

How lovely it lingers

The way she dresses, how she carries herself

Floating lightly upon this earth

When He made her, it was special

Sweet, beautiful, and fair

When I found her, I thanked Him

For creating, and leaving nothing to spare

She is most Angelic with her wings

And soundly when she sings

Halo and all, she’s an Angel

Tell Her

Tell Her

Someone Loves Her