More beautiful than any dream I may have dreamt

You lying next to me kept me awake with the moon

And we watched you but I felt you breath and sigh

Jealous was the moon that I was so lucky

Your skin was so fresh and alive to my hands

As I memorized every bit of your body

And immortalized your lips in my mind

In the complete darkness, I could still see you perfect

It felt like there was no place on earth Iíd rather be

With every touch of your hand and motion of your affection

I was inspired enough to live forever

I could have written a book or painted the world right then

How you have embered my heart back to life

And given me new skies to fly through, oceans of love to dance on

There is not another enchantress created

Capable of making me feel the way you do

With you I can do anything

I fear nothing but the void of you

Hold my hand and tell me I will never be fallen again

There is a galaxy waiting to be discovered by us

I donít want to wait another moment

But I would wait a lifetime

To share my love with you