The way you walk past me

Like you never notice that I smile

Iíve been wanting to talk to you now

I was waiting a while

I made little ways to come your way

And bigger ways to say something small

And every time I hear your voice

I seem to forget them all

You look tougher than you are

I die when you smile at me

I stare at your lips when you arenít looking

I wait for you to say something

So I look up every moment

Just to see if you are there

And at the chance to be back to where you are

Iíll do it, I donít care

Do I really like anything you sell that much

Is it possible to do as I do

I had to stop this time

I couldnít walk past you

And when I lend you my pathetic line

And you send an answer back to me

I canít help my shake inside

I feel you eyes glowing in my feet

Then you tilt your head and your lips untie

And you once again shoot me with your craze

This time I hold on tight

And I hand you my name

In six minutes at the most

I learn who you are

I learn something good and something bad

And I like you more by far

How sweet can they be, you ask

Well, they are damn sweet to me

You put them there, like you donít care

Try them once for me

Something to converse about I guess

I canít think straight enough to speak too well

I think you hear what I am thinking

My eyes still do spell

So you interest me, beyond any

You catch my eye beyond many

Produce to see you

Let loose to breathe you

I will find a way to talk again

To come back and forth and sneak in

Yes, two words from your mouth are worth more

So I will keep walking in your door

Hoping and finding another way

To make you see me, to make you stay.