Please, begin to tell me all the things you mean to show

Cause from where I am to where you are is too far not to know

And I might miss you already and I haven’t even waken up

And today might be the best day or the worst day of my life

Tell me, tell me do you want my clothes on your floor in the morning

Would you like to share a glass or a glance or would you pass?

Watching from outside of the unpainted fence around you

Seeing you in every crowd, Do I conform or wait around

Cause I can’t stand the empty seat in my car, or in my heart

And believing is as bad as dreaming, or falling asleep during my favorite song

Tell me, tell me are you saying our names together too

Would you pass up the world’s party for an empty sky for two?

Cause I might, I think I would… if it were me and you