I have no idea what I am doing

The things my heart is feeling

The look in your eyes

Makes the stars come down to me

And I suddenly spin

Oh my God, I Love You.

My lips tingle

My hands tremble

My life changes each time we touch

How do you do this to me

Why did your lips feel that way

Oh my God, I Love You.

From the first day we met

Until this very day

Though we have been in and out

I have always felt this way

And you have to know

Oh my God, I Love You.

I know what you're thinking now

I promised I would never say it again

And I am not looking at you right now

I am only wishing I was

So these words cannot be held against me

Just listen to me when I do look at you

Because I can't use words

I have to present my soul in my smile

In my tears and in my laughter

The whole time, all I am saying is

Oh my God, I Love You.