Let me step on your feet

Will you rock me to sleep

Will you make me a home

So I wonít have to crawl alone

And wonít you take me for a ride

In your big old car

Let me lay in the back

And be somewhere real far

Can you be the arms

I needed to be in so bad

Will you be at the hillside with me

When I need to roll like mad

I canít need anymore

I have done it all my life

Here I am and there you are

Will you be the one to love me twice

Can I count on you

For every wish I donít get to make

Will you force the stars to fall for me

So I can dream another day

You know I will be

Everything for you

I will let you step on my feet

Wait at any hillside you want me to

I will run up to Heaven

And push every star at you

So you can wish for forever

And I can make that come true

And I know you wonít be there for me

That comes with knowing you

If only I could take the past

And make old love, feel brand new.