*July 17th 2003 4:11 am


What gorgeous are you It hurts to look at your beauty from so far away Laying beneath the moon, making it look tattered aside you Your eyes make me believe I have loved you before How sweet you taste in my thoughts Lovely whispers I hear from your heart To meet you, to friend you…I have To hold you, to kiss you…I must To imagine your tender soft smile a breath away from mine With you in my arms, I’d sleep til the end of time Doubting the moment my mind dwells on I wonder if you could ever wish for me

*July 20th 2003 9:42am

Inspired by your lips alone A little pain that two bodies lie between ours Imagining all the things I can give you And respectfully only handing you a smile But my hands can hold, my lips would kiss My eyes would rest, my heart could be yours If only we had met sooner Can I even imagine knowing this feeling that long I am not lucky or beautiful or worthy of such But still I can not deny something so perfect Calm my worries, and give me hope Is there a star that we can hide on If I had it my way, the moon would be ours It might be, and we just don’t know it yet

*July 25th 3:06am

Earth brown eyes peeking at me Saying things you don’t think you should speak Little does the world know behind silence There is a secret fall being had You, midnight angel waiting to be loved Me, simply made to do so Your dark hair blurs the traffic in my mind Making the escape sound so easy Knowing that unreal feelings can now be real Imagine the life left to share So thankful I found something so soon Having forever left to remember moments like this Never forgetting the minute we met Or the second our hearts did Reminding you that the air you inhale, Comes out more beautiful having come from you Tiny twinkles in your smile That only I can see There’s something so right about all this I think it’s the ‘you and me’

**Monday July 28th 12:41am


More beautiful than any dream I may have dreamt You lying next to me kept me awake with the moon And we watched you but I felt you breath and sigh Jealous was the moon that I was so lucky Your skin was so fresh and alive to my hands As I memorized every bit of your body And immortalized your lips in my mind In the complete darkness, I could still see you perfect It felt like there was no place on earth I’d rather be With every touch of your hand and motion of your affection I was inspired enough to live forever I could have written a book or painted the world right then How you have embered my heart back to life And given me new skies to fly through, oceans of love to dance on There is not another enchantress created Capable of making me feel the way you do With you I can do anything I fear nothing but the void of you Hold my hand and tell me I will never be fallen again There is a galaxy waiting to be discovered by us I don’t want to wait another moment But I would wait a lifetime To share my love with you

*Sunday August 3rd 3:50pm

~Octavia~ Thou have lips ever so sweet as thine imagined. Must such lovely eyes come with spears to thy heart? For it is not only thus beauty that engraves in the soul most deeply. No Mortal or More in time hast seen such creation as thy, in thee. Our love is no phantom. Let all the powers of the universe contrive an eternity for Us. And let Us live in it immortally. …My Love…

*August 12th 2003 2:19am

The way you sit when you’re comfortable How you quickly reply to questions The way you drive, you drive me too Your voice like a mantra of sweet love I miss everything They way you hold your cigarette The way you held my hand How you closed your eyes to read my mind Your brown eyes flash when you blink I miss everything You make music sound sexy And your body barely has to move Such a rough woman in a skirt Take your shoes off and come down to me I miss everything My teeth almost piercing your neck Your goofy humor making me smile’ How simple you look after work Simply beautiful I miss everything The way you explain your passions The cloud released from your exhale Dimples parenthesize your lips Thighs leading to your nirvanic bliss I miss everything I can see the feather in your hair And the chocolate on your cheeks A purple string can be your necklace And the way you wear your jeans I miss everything Seeing me on your fingers Smelling you on my clothes How you feel in my arms Watching you lay next to me dreaming I miss everything How you enjoy your food The way your lips fit to mine, never meant to part In my clothes you looked perfect And when you let your hair down I miss everything I miss the way I feel when I am with you I miss the spark when our eyes meet I miss being close to you I miss telling you my thoughts I miss knowing your everyday life I miss talking about our future I miss seeing your hand in mine I miss feeling complete I miss you more than I miss feeling alive I miss everything And that is what you are I miss you

*Saturday August 16th 10:30am

~Octavia~ It is 10:09am on Saturday August 16th. Before I lay my sick self to rest, for my aches are a burden above work and play right now. Between the butterflies of my live for you are sharpe stabs and fiery jolts all inside me. I write you now to make up for the imperfect goodbye I gave you last night.When you will read this - I don't know. Last night as you stem and leaves all of a sudden appeared and the clock struck......flee I did, as we planned. But a final and promising touch from you lips I was starved. I should have known or prepared sooner. Though I did look down upon you and read your heart as your mouth told me you love me. I hope you saw me back...For with everything in me......I do Love You more. A long goodbye hug or a lingering kiss, did we share all night long, so the absence of a goodbye, only makes me more sure I will hold you again soon. I missed you the moment I went away a step. Now that last night's thorns are trimmed........all I have left to wish on you is happiness and bid you my love, as you already have claimed my heart. I will miss you until our eyes meet again. If you are on the water today as you planned, you can find me or someone near me when you return. You know where I will be. Tomorrow I work from 6am til 11 am. Might we go somewhere to spend any time? I don't know when you wish to see me again. Please let me know your mind. (WORK Sunday 6-11am Monday 6-midnight Tuesday 4-9pm Wednesday and Thursday I do not work Friday 9-3pm) Every other hour I am free incase of you. Until our bodies touch again.....Thy beautiful pixie Goddess..............I Love You..................Jenn

*Sunday August 17th 12:32am

~Octavia~ Thou art more beautiful than the moon above us tonight. Thou art prettier than the sparks of crying mad rain. Thou smellith like the most wild flower brought in with the oceans fingertips. A kiss from thee feels like tongues of fire are reaching up from a hell-like world all the way to us in our exctasy. Thou art blessed with stellar eyes. Every moment thy is with thee is a moment close to death, yet thy live to tell about. To love thee, thy will live forever. Even then time is not enough. Tonight, thy heart weaps as alone it lays in my chest awaiting you. I do love thus with every breathe. Be mine, be mine. For in thee, my life, like a roaring tempest of love......silenced by the wait. Beautiful darkness....I Love Thee with all thine heart.....Jenn

*Monday August 18th 5:55pm

I love you

*Tuesday August 19th 2:03am

How do I love thee? if you married me, you'd wear the rings of Saturn

*Thursday August 21st 11:27pm

how do i love thee? let me count the ways... more than all the stars in every universe beyond every cloud in the sky how do i love thee? with the entirety of my heart and soul unconditionally, undieingly, as a whole how do i love thee? how do i not...? i love thee beautiful woman i love thee Octavia i love thee Danielle i love thee, i love thee, i love thee

*Thursday August 21st 3:45am

Driving home, I digest you Only then can I confess truth Looking up and hoping for your reflection Needing you somehow, I pray even for deception Starving for your taste I miss Whatever it is in your mouth, feed me with your lips Kiss me your internal love And I will take the entire blunder unduly With you I am something I could never be without Yes, let’s go to our own star and live Let’s run away and saver the immortality of amore We have something most only gather in dreams Craving you…always Loving you…undoubtedly Yours…completely In love…I am With you.

*Friday August 22nd 12:01am

then let thine arms be thou bed and sleep while thine eyes be thus moons lay within thy love fall asleep on thine lips thy shalt never sleep again without thee my love

Friday August 22nd 12:09am

for all seasons from the foundation to the steeple of our love, i wan to build with thee the world. patience i have had and will always have for thee............i wait............but where is your heart

*Friday August 22nd 12:34am

thy be there, the Pandateria you are sent to. for your heart can not turn back from thus love love 2....you do. love 3...i do love thee.........urgently, more than any, ever wait i do thrice...the moments ago i was beneath the window you lurk.............if thee wishes, thy can be at once and we can be once and for all to be foot lenghes from thee saturated my heart with warmth.....thy needs thee thy love thee

*Friday August 22nd 12:52am

then you be themost beautiful dark-winged angel and be but a waiter waiting on thee tho write to breathe to speak to live you give thy life in my corpse I wait to come back to the world my eyes see nothing without you to look to waiter i wait i wait for the lovely coming of you thy love thee

*Friday August 22nd 12:55am

tis night always without you les the nights you lay between my heart and mine arms good...........how.....you are not here night..........it is i love you Danielle

*Saturday August 23rd 10:30pm

Sweet Angel, I love you so much. I miss you badly. In the ocean of my eyes, you are the most gorgeous mermaid of all the water worlds. I can not swim..........but float i will to you. I am waiting. I can not wait to see you. Find a way, as soon as your strength can. becareful baby, if you hurt, i might diminish. wishing that my arms were tight around you at this very moment, your hug, your touch, your kiss, your love... i exsist for. I LOVE YOU Babydoll. all yours.....Jenn

*Sunday August 24th 12:03am

Count on thine heart Believe in thine soul There thee will find me There thee shall go Live as though thee may never live again Love as though thee had but one kiss to give Strum thine heart as the harp of all winged For in thine there art the mass of hallowed imps For in the very depths of thee, thy unearth utopian streams A surging waterfall of sensation Oblivious peaks of the firmament And beneath thine surface thou heart is buried Thy Love

*August 26, 2003 9:34am

In thee and in thus

What love just must

Beguile the eye of the world

To only topa eyes can be seen

The greatest creation to be believed

Betwixt thee and thy

Love lives after all else die

Tuesday August 26th 1:58am

the moon is up, the stars are out awake i am, you without all the eyes in the sky watching as we lay i'm so sure that they can see the empty spot next to me but they all know that it's for you they know us, they've seen us before the stars envy us, for all them sky lovers they are they a millions of miles apart and you an i here we be with only miles or blocks or feet and still our eyes close apart there must be some kind of sweet dream we watch they see you sleep, they know i die for thee touch my love, let there be a night so soon when all the stars can see us on the moon as we dim it's beam with our together love good night sweeheart......... i love you jenn

*Wednesday August 27th 2:47am

can i wait to see thee? can i hold in the ado? will my heart fail to abide? just what shall one do? close my eyes and slumber if i dream my way through the twilight and find a way to outlast the moon together, you and i will exsist, soon good night to your eyes, good night to your ears, good night to the world between us, in moments you will be here i love thee jenn

*Thursday August 28th 3:18am

Now I can see our venus with my eyes closed Feeling the ground leave my feet is typical Thanking the sky evey night for that day we had together Obliterating the worries that tail us and making each other smile Each new moon is a revolution closer to the night that will be ours And the happy that you make me is unlike anything a heart was built to feel But mine has now felt it all And I don't want another minute without you good night, my love, i will see you in my dreams I love you Danielle jenn

*Friday August 29th 1:17am



Flutter within

Rival and emulate

Ease thine soul

Compel the yesterday

Dwell in Us

This very moment

And tomorrow

Til the finale-sky

Secret divinity

Fields of lovely

Mountainous serenade

Oceans of reality rapture

Nay another doubt

Tenacious hope

Ridiculously wonderful dreams

Leave the worst of ruin to be over

Give thy thee thoroughly


The sun and the moon will dwell together

As you and I

In the same sky

At the same time

In the same place

Shining together


Then we will be


*Friday August 29th 1:33am

~ My Octavia~ It is 1:23am and I am worn of the day. I wish for rest and you. Rest is closer to mine, but I'd never have rest again for you instead. Still my bed awaits me, and you...I don't know if you do. I miss thee crazily. I love thee madly. I pray to see thee desperately. Waiting for your word as you promised, still I search. Hope burns in my soul, and the ashes of my heart, inwhich you now hold. Find me. I will be looking for you. I am off into the night, closer I am to thee with thine eyes closed. Someday thine eyes shall never open, must that be the happiness thy settle for? Be mine. For thy love thee with the girth of the Earth, and the density of Venus. I love you Danielle Jenn

*Saturday August 30th 2:00am

*A Lover’s Laugh*

Alas, the stars have dimmed their lights,

And sun cannot be found

Or am I cursed with blackest night

And sorrow this profound?

Nay, the moon has slumbered naught,

Nor Venus slipped away

‘Twas thus my heart’s demented thoughts

While missing her each day.

For thee has stolen morning’s dawn,

Thy breath is winter’s sighs,

Or were the tails of comets made

Solely for thine eyes?

‘Tis only truth, that night is day

When she, my love, is there.

For surely then, that God was meant

To put auroras in her hair,

Lo, thus, the water pulled

Beyond above it’s banks.

Behold, the tides have risen far

As sand they give and take.

But‘tis not the ocean thus, but my trailing tears.

Come, fair love and thus relieve

My heart of aching fears.

Hearken then, the Chorus sings,

The Angels’ voices free...

But not from heaven does it sound,

Nor not the whispered breeze,

‘Tis fairer than the bluebell’s toll

Or roaring of the seas.

‘Twas thus my folly all along

‘Twas NOT from up above

And all along, the music was

The laughter of my love


*What laugh dost thou speak of?*

Stars have dimmed in grief

But the sun is hidden behind your eyes

The blackest nights we do share apart

Profound is our disguise

Our moon has slumbered beneath us

And Venus weeps within a veil

Demented to space our love

But you are missed more than heaven’s hell

Steal the sky for thee thy would

And smother winter’s last breathe

For the tails of comets lay

Waiting for these eyes to rest

Truth be told, together night and day

For thee I’d sanctify a way

The god that made my heart beat once

Made my heart stop one day

And when the water soared so high

It didn’t near touch the crest we float upon

For as the highest tide may have tried

Still our sand castle will not break anon

It is not in the ocean that we bathe

But thus our hauling tears

Still thy have come to allay

Your most lovely ancient fears

Musical Lordess sounds do ring

Angels have come to see...

There art no heaven mighty enough,

To have ever created such elegant breeze

More fair than a bluebell’s toll

Louder than the cry of all the world’s seas.

But no folly found blamable

No descendent nurtured above

All along sweet one,

That music was of Our Love.




***and so there it is, the chronicaled words of my love for the most amazing creation i have found. and still to this moment, she is my all. still i wait......i love you

This moment is: