I don't know how long it's been

About a minute or maybe even ten

But I want you to kiss me again

Be something more than my friend

You already are, more than the sun

Kiss me again to see what I will become

I've been thinking of things to do

Since my air has been renewed

And my dreams are something blue

Why does this world turn about you?

At first I found it hard to believe

Kiss me again to see what I can be

So who needs rainbows now

I've got to get to you somehow

And I don't care if the moon falls down

All I need is to breathe outloud

There's something special about this one

Kiss me again to see what I will become

Please say you hear the ocean in me

If I could carry you across the sea

And then lay you in the sun to sleep

And island of Love is where we would be

Like magic, your lips seem to make me live

Turning me into something better than this.