You didnít know me forever

But you knew me before I did

And you could pick up any minute

And I canít stop you from this

But itís been so many days

Maybe even a few weeks

Only a million or two

Still not enough of you for me

Now Iím so damn crazy

I think Iím going insane

Cause when you look at me

I know youíre to blame

Look what youíve done to me

You went and made me smile

Said all the things Iíve never heard

You even held me for a while

And now Iím too alive

To ever let you go

Right now Iím so in love

I just wanna make you home

Itís almost Ďin the moviesí

The way you make me feel

If ever I pinch you

Iím just making sure youíre real

And did you know that your eyes

They have rainbows inside

When you look in the mirror

Do you almost go blind?

And did anyone ever tell you

That your kiss is full of stars

Your lips are like magic

Only for me they are.

And I bet you never told a soul

Your middle name is Heaven

But you donít have to explain to me

I believe itís true

Look what youíve done to me

Now Iím trying to climb back up

Just to be where you are

Iím giving upside down up

If ever there was a voice

That would drive me so wild

Itís got to be you

Cause only youíd save me in denial

And with everything I was

Way before we were we

I still believe that God

Was sending you to me

And now you got me crazy

All you do is make me lie

Because the truth is you

Before I lose you, Iíd die

If you could see what youíve done to me

You would jump back down and breathe

Because you made me fall in love

While I was in a dream