Concave is my heart without you

Only you in my arms, and the moon

Could ever still my weave of confusion

Grounds shake, rivers run dry

Stars dwarf, Angels forget how to fly

But you, you never let me down

The initial step you walked into my life

And there went the world

Bands of pink cluttered the sun

Crazed mountains of happiness

And the brownest eyes in the world

You changed everything into loveliness

I chase after my heart, as you run with it

Racing around this field of forever

Every bit of air to reach my lips has been sweet

As long as you have been breathing

I know you have given so much up to stand beside me

It has been a road of pain and struggle

But a lifetime is all we have left to share

Only a few minutes together

A short time to hand you all my Love

You made everything feel right

Just now I am opening my eyes

And all I see is You