It’s close to midnight

And I am laying here alone

After my third cry

I stopped waiting for the phone

Still you wouldn’t believe

All the dreams left inside

Even though hope is almost dead

My heart is still alive

And if I had another chance

I would save the love we had

But I’m not so lucky

And I don’t think you’re sad

*So I lay here tonight

And I catch every falling star

And I wish on it so hard

That I could be where you are

And if that’s to much to ask

Then I’ll settle for the truth

But when I’m done wishing

Just in case you miss me

I will send the stars to you*

I can stare at this sky

For another night again

Cause the moon sings me to sleep

And I am with you then

But only Heaven can compare

When we are standing face to face

Cause the look in your eyes

Makes me live another day

And I would fly with you

You and your amazing lips

All the stars around us

I would give them all for one kiss

*So I lay here tonight

And as I catch every falling star

I wanna throw it back

And watch it fall where you are

Because I have too much to ask for

All I really need is the truth

…And I never stopped missing…

…I never stopped wishing…

…Like we never stopped kissing…

I will send the stars to you.*