The way you sit when you’re comfortable

How you quickly reply to questions

The way you drive, you drive me too

Your voice like a mantra of sweet love

I miss everything

They way you hold your cigarette

The way you held my hand

How you closed your eyes to read my mind

Your brown eyes flash when you blink

I miss everything

You make music sound sexy

And your body barely has to move

Such a rough woman in a skirt

Take your shoes off and come down to me

I miss everything

My teeth almost piercing your neck

Your goofy humor making me smile

How simple you look after work

Simply beautiful

I miss everything

The way you explain your passions

The cloud released from your exhale

Dimples parenthesize your lips

Thighs leading to your nirvanic bliss

I miss everything

I can see the feather in your hair

And the chocolate on your cheeks

A purple string can be your necklace

And the way you wear your jeans

I miss everything

Seeing me on your fingers

Smelling you on my clothes

How you feel in my arms

Watching you lay next to me dreaming

I miss everything

How you enjoy your food

The way your lips fit to mine, never meant to part

In my clothes you looked perfect

And when you let your hair down

I miss everything

I miss the way I feel when I am with you

I miss the spark when our eyes meet

I miss being close to you

I miss telling you my thoughts

I miss knowing your everyday life

I miss talking about our future

I miss seeing your hand in mine

I miss feeling complete

I miss you more than I miss feeling alive

I miss everything

And that is what you are

I miss you


2:19am August 12th 2003