I found an asylum in you

And as much as I wanted to just leave

I liked the way the thunder felt

I liked the way you threw yourself at me

And I had so much to offer

Yeah, I had to so much waiting here for you

But you think you found something better

So I hope your fairytale is true

I think we couldíve been more

I know I could have lived more

I was waiting to see you dance alone

Right then I would have came home

I had given you as much as I could bleed

And you said you liked everything about me

But when it came to the truth

Only I wanted me and you

Oh, when I told you my heart

And I went to try something new

You pulled yourself away

I donít know if I mightíve loved you

You said anything, do anything

Start doing what your soul tells you to

And I did, I started off by being true

And you answered me, by saying please

Pick anyone, anyone but you

Thatís how much you meant it

That is how you feel

You want me to be happy

As long as itís all healed

Why did you lead me to believe you were there

While I was falling for you

I donít even think you cared

Now all I know is myself

And now all I want is something true

And Iíll never know what I was feeling

I donít know if I mightíve loved you