An epic love affair

A bold addiction to your eyes

While the flowers canít grow fast enough

And the stars tangle in the sky

Thereís something about us thatís right

When I am insanely dancing in your kiss

I can still taste the raspberry ice tea

The way it tastes right off your lips

I want you to hold me forever tonight

And nevermind what the moon tells the sun

Let them talk and chatter around above us

All we need is our commotion to make us one

We can dance all night to the mist

The way the tiny lights shine off of your face

And your arms wrap around me

And my heart twirls into a race

Hold my hand and squeeze three times

For the world to sink down from where we are

I tilt my head to the left

And wait for you to blind the last star

Your smile thins into a glow

And your eyes slowly close on as we hold

I can feel you breathing through the air

Your warmth makes everything else seem cold

Cover us in this blanket of life

And let us be certain of one thing

I wear your ring around my finger

Every moment I forget you to nothing

So wonderful your hands

As they carry us in place

The color of your hair

The way it paints your face

You call me an Angel

But only to you might I be

For you give me the power to fly

You give me reason to believe

And I would wait a lifetime

I count the days I am with you

One zero two zero

Iím Real and so are you

I wonder if life ever felt so good before

I canít remember a day before we met

But each time weíre near each other

The closer to Heaven I get

How did I ever find you

How you make me feel so much

You keep me happy

You make me Love.

I Love the way we feel together

I Love how sensitive you are

I Love everything ďfer-everĒ

I Love You Sweetheart