Itís not that I lie

Itís just that I donít tell the truth

If I did

I think I would scare you

I just donít say everything I feel

Do you want me to say it?

When I fill with appeal

I donít know how I got this urge

I guess I can blame you for that

Itís everything you do

And all the soul you have

I just donít tell you when itís your eyes

That make the sun look dull

I never say it when your smile

Makes a rainbow look like itís hanging wrong

I canít express these things to you

Because I am sure you will walk away

If I told you about the dreams I have

This spin Iím in, would all stop today

And I know I want to kiss you

The way you look into my eyes

But I am not good enough

I am not the thing thatís on your mind

If you are lost because of the things I write

Then close your eyes and read

For many of those words

Refer to you and me

Iím sorry for the rapture

I would put my lips where you said

But remember what I am

I donít want to be a regret

And I would do it

Please know I have it in me to

But instead I just lie

And make you think Iím true

When the truth is not confused

I am only being honest here and now

If only things were different

Or if it didnít matter to you somehow~