The wet green floor

Of leaves we stand upon

And the blue running twinkle

Of the water we chase with our eyes

The free whistle in the air

And the soft warmth of the sun

As it leaves us

Letting the mountains devour it

And stealing the first glimpse of the moon

As it burns its way into the stars

And our blue water now looks black

And our green carpet is dark brown

Still surrounded by beautiful world

Turning down and laying back

Piercingthrough the trees above

Trying to save this moment in my mind forever

The sky gets darker

And the world seems to break

As the sounds of life come alive

And the breeze passes our way

Dip my feet in the water

Let the humid make me stress

As my blood gets hotter

And my skin gets undressed

Now the glitter in the sky falls

And I can feel the magic in my hair

Just lay here and be complete

This feeling I could fancy anywhere

Let’s leave the dreamful hideaway My Love

I think we’ve had our share

If Heaven has a basement

I believe we were just there