I haven't known you forever

But I feel like I have

For every good thing I forgot

Somehow you brought it back

And in your smile

I see many days

Even if we are apart

We're together, in so many ways

And how I love your eyes

When you look at me alone

If I am still alive

Then tell me when to go

Someday I'll make you happy

If not happy, then sorry for sure

Cause one day I'll be everything

All the things you wish and more

I'll take you to Guam anyway

And there we will run

The trees will be more beautiful

Than the waves and the spinning sun

And you'll love me then

Like you never have before

You'll miss me then

And tomorrow you'll miss me more

For the dreams I wasn't in

And all the slow dances that weren't with me

I'll make you sorry someday

If not sorry, then you'll be happy

Cause with every breath you take

I'm more in love with you

And beyond all the promises they make

I will KEEP MINE too

Let me be the one

That you hold up

I'll be the truth

When the lies aren't enough

I'll have the world one day

The house and love that you wish for

And someday I'll make you happy

If not happy, then sorry for sure

I can build a wall around us

Or a tunnel right through this hell

And in our special happiness

Will be the feelings of when we fell

If you end up beside me in our bed

Then you will have all my love and more

And you will never be sorry

Only happy, for sure