Forever: “Oh, but hear me. For I can not be more than I shall be on this day. Never shine brighter, ever speak so softly again.”

Today: “Yes you are the lingering taste in my mouth, the forever scent in my soul, the very sound of you shakes me throughout. But you, you are not what I love. I do not love thee. I do not seek thee at night, when I am cold. You could never keep thaw of me. You are barely worth your words. What is there to love?”

Forever: “Oh, sad I am. Now I am as pathetic as you are beautiful. Growing more ashamed with every inhale I do rob of you. Leave me sorry and alone. If I can not be with thee, I must row now. My sky awaits forever. I need not your love, but the memory of your kiss. This I will hold onto, as I set adrift on the raft to hell. Give me goodbye.”

Today: “Sorrow does not balance fear. And I fear not, as you sorrow not. Thee hast lied and ran when was to crawl. I forgive thee not, and give you only goodbye as such.”

Forever: “Thy still love thee.” (Rolling to the ground in an instant and turning over to make eye contact, then closing to die.)

Today: (Kneeling to the ground, weeping.) “Oh, what is it now? Have I done this? Did thou truly have heart? Should I have loved thee anyway? Can I be so terrified and alone? Now, so so sorry I am! For I have eternally silenced the only voice to speak to me in love. Who answers to thy call now? Who fills my pale when empty? What more is there to be, than loved? I holdest thee until one can break I as well. For, if I am no longer loved, I am no longer complete. I am no longer thyself. I am no longer.” (Fainting into death.)