Too many for me to count

Thatís who I talk to right now

Because I worry about the changes

And God taught me to never assume

Watch me as I wait for you

Incase the day you decide to call

I crawl to the letters and answer right away

I sleep with one lip smiling

I might see you in the night

Probably before I see you in the day

Why is it that I always run to meet

It never feels like half way

I am almost at your door

By the time you say okay

Yes I am the fool

Iíve always chased happiness

And it always ran away from me

I am only here though

To remind you what real means

I really listen, I really promise

Iím as real as your last dream

And why I try to make you laugh

Maybe I like to see a smile once in a while

And you never will from just being around me

So I try to make a reason for you

In any fight Iíll be on your side

Even if you lie to the judge

I guess Iíll be lying too

Thatís the idiot I am, thatís the truth

The fool I am is the friend Iíll be for you

Drag me all this way

Hell Iíll drag myself

I donít like being so nice

But I donít know anyway else

If you ever get bored

Or get sick, or go blind

Just donít forget me in your heart

Even if you do in your mind

Lessons are to be learned

And time is to be spent

Iím still spending my time

Learning where all my time went

Still I thank everyone

For I have such a rich life

More than any possessions or money

I carry a world of love inside