You make me so much happier

Than I ever planned to be

What could I have done

How did I get so lucky

And now I know it will all end soon

But I can't think about the pain

All I want to know

Is that you think of me the same

Cause this feeling can stretch

I promise you for sure

I am confident in my heart

And I know what you're worth

Your smile and your eyes

Drive me to do bad things all the time

Your voice and the way you laugh

Make me lose my head, so blind

You are incredable

Absolutley wonderful

I need to be with you

No matter what we do

For one day, can't you love me aloud

Kiss me, and touch me tonight

Tomorrow when we wake up

We can face the world and lie

I wouldn't be sorry

I would be more than complete

To have you so close to me

Would make me forget my feet

Love is too strong

Yet I think I may be weak

Somehow I think I've fallin for you

I wish you would fall for me