I am no more

You don't have to lie to me

I know I have something you don't want

There's no use in trying to believe

If it's in every drop of my blood

And it's in the air I breath

You better not come to close

You don't wanna catch my disease

And who woulda thought this

I never thought that it could be

It happens everywhere

Now it's everywhere in me

So don't drink from my soda

And don't you dare touch my hand

I have something you don't want

And nobody would understand

And as you wanted me before today

And I will want you for all time

There's just somethings in life

I don't have the strength to deny

Now I know you will never kiss me

Cause my lips hold this clear hell

And if you aren't scared just yet

Wait until you see me this pale

And slowly I am dieing

But nobody has to know

Cause this world is far to beautiful

For someone who will always go

And I've been leaving this place for a year now

But still I seem to be in the same tracks

Maybe I will stay a few more years

Or maybe today will be my last

Who knows the truth now

I never told you it anyway

And I only write this now

Incase I never have the chance to say

And I loved you

I loved you for a while

I will miss you forever

I will miss your smile

Now I am ready to fly

Ready to say goodbye

I told you why I lived

I was only waiting to die

I am sorry now

For it is far too late

My heart is slowly stopping

And I don't want to make God wait.

I love you, goodbye.