I'll hold you

I'll kiss you

I'll believe you

I'll miss you

I'll pick you up

I'll take you there

I'll hold your hand

I'll touch you anywhere

I'll buy you anything

I will feed you

I'll never sleep

I'll always need you

I'll sing to you in bed

I'll keep you warm

I'll wash your feet

I will Love you more

I'll hug you all night

I'll let you drive my car

I'll be your sight when you can't see

I'll cherish everything you are

I'll swim the ocean

I'll cut your hair

I'll share my ice cream

I'll eat anywhere

I'll look for you forever

I'll dedicate all our songs

I will pray for you

I will make you strong

I'll tell the truth

I'll wait in line all day

I'll be on time

I will pay

I'll call off

I'll run in the rain

I'll make you laugh

I'll take the pain

I'll do the eye thing

I'll wear your ring

I'll miss you

I'll miss everything

I'll be sorry I guess

I'll find out someday

I'll keep on loving you

But I can't live this way