So you walk in and you walk by

What kind of fool am I

I get off my cloud and run to you

Like you are something for me to move

So I pursue you

I hold you in my mind for days and nights

Then I lose you

The moment I step too high

Now Iím sorry for ever trying

I have a lifetime worth of love in me

Someone good, someone real

Someone else is all I need

And I realize that someone just isnít you

If I can send you a reason to your house

And you look at me like Iím wrong

Then what the hell is love all about?

All I know is what I feel is true

And for a moment I thought I felt you

Now I see it all in this light

You donít believe in the things that I might

But you didnít bring the stars up to this sky

And I donít think Iím gonna let you blow out all of mine

So save me a memory, brag about my obsession someday

At least a good laugh will make it worth the nights I spent awake

Thank you, thank you, goodbye

You wonít be hurting me anymore tonight

Iím leaving you to go back to my life

Iím sorry if I wasted your time

But I still think you were worth mine