Let me take, my words

Right out, of your mouth

And hear me speak, my heart

To you, come out loud

I never could listen

To a song without a cause

And I never would tell a soul

About the ones I applause

Nobody really knows me anymore

Too many people owed me from before

And here I stand alone at the door

Waiting to feed the next poor

Should I wake up early

And lay in my bed

Or keep asleep for long

And watch the movies in my head

The cold and the shatters

From the window of blame

Calling me out there

The world’s such a shame

And if all the Angel’s came down tonight

I still think, we’d find a way to fight

So hear my shadow, as I walk away

And when forever is over, call me today

Just to say, just to say

Hey, justice, hey

I’m here anyway