Because of your love

I hear music all the time

Slow romantic songs play in my mind.

Because of you

I taste sweet candy in my mouth.

All because of you

I feel the sun beating it's warmth down on me

As I sit here and think about you.

As I turn the volume up,

Do you hear the love get louder?

As my lips move,

Can you taste our love get sweeter?

As we become closer to Heaven,

Do you feel the sun's heat getting stronger?

Is the music too loud?

Is the taste too sweet?

Is the sun too warm?

Do you need some silence?

Do you want to taste something sour?

Do you need a bit of cold, dark rain?

Still we don't have to stop loving.

Our love can be the silence,

That magnifies heart beats.

Our love can taste bitter,

So its sweetness becomes sweeter.

Our love can rain, but still inside of you,

Will be warm and lit by the candles

That no rain can drown away.

True love withstands all.

It has no limits.

It can be anything.

---written in 1998---