I asked you

You answered me

I knew it

But I didn't want to

You told me everything

That my heart cried at hearing

And I don't know what to say.

How can you do this?

How did you lie to me that whole time

And act like I was the only one

When all along

Your mind was far away from me.

I just got this

And I don't know what to say.

When I think back now

All those times I would be looking at you

You would be looking at the sky

And now I know why

You couldn't look back at me.

And I don't know what to say.

Like you haven't broken my heart enough

You just keep getting better and better

At that smile I used to love

Now you smile at me

And I know what you're thinking of.

It's not me

Now I don't even know if it has ever been.

I guess I don't have what it takes

To make your world spin.

Forgive me for trying

But please don't love me when I'm dieing

Cause I'll know you never meant it

I will remember these moments

When I needed you most

And you pushed me away

And never again will I know what to say.