Along came a star

I must confess this truth

You fill me with enthusiasm

How I wish I could fill you

What a gaze upon your face

Makes me thirsty for your lips

If my soul got any fuller

I think we might have to kiss

And I would wait in line

However long it may be

To see the splash within your eyes

Would you wait to see me?

The collection of happiness you cause

Keeps me guessing all the time

Like a riot all in my heart

But each raindrop rhymes

You glow like crazy to me

The shimmer that you bleed

Almost like a secret Heaven

But its not secret to me

Id walk any length of the world

Id fall for any trick

The splendor of your worth

Makes me love like this

Just once, let it be mine

So the day I never live to see

Ill know you heard my call

Only if you really want me