So we’re through now?

Is that right?

Cause I know that if you decided you might talk to me

I bet you thought about it all day long

And every time something took your mind off of that

You probably were reminded of me even faster then.

So we’re done now, for sure?

Cause I think that when you look for me

You secretly hope that I am aware of it

And that I respond to you by looking back

If not, then why do you look for me

And why do you care where I am, how I am?

So this is it then, huh?

It shouldn’t matter how I look anymore

I can sleep near or with or dream of anyone in this world…but you

And I should have no need to hear your voice, smell your skin, or ever

Never look into your eyes again

Can you handle that? I don’t know if I can.

I never got to play you that song on my guitar

Or fly down that roller coaster next to you

Never shared a Halloween with my heart pounding by yours

We never did see Guam together, you know?

We won’t have that anniversary we both already took off for.

My neck hurts now, and I am glad I cannot see those words I told you.

And how many promises will go unkept.

No puppy, no house, no running in the rain again.

No late night kissing while the moon watches

We’ll never run to the store for a craving someday.

All right, well, I better get going then

If I find anything else of yours, I will leave it in your car

Be careful and stuff. You know what I mean…(jellybean)…

God your eyes are beautiful, pretty little eyelashes

Yeah, I should go, so…

I love you

And that’s it, and that’s all…